The last time I posted, there were many things I did not know, not being able to see the future, and to be honest, had anyone told me, I doubt that I would have believed it anyway.

I could not imagine that I would have surgery on my left heel the day after Thanksgiving last year, nor could I have predicted being unable to walk for several weeks. Since I kept falling in our townhouse, I ended up going to North Carolina, where my husband, who is in the Navy is stationed, for all of December, with forays back up north to the foot doctor as needed. I would have never guessed in a million years, that the dog would pack up and leave me, “just like that” as the expression goes. Yes, Molly, our sweet, loyal  dachshund-papillon mix left me. I depended on Molly to hear for me…let me know when someone rang the doorbell or there was something going on outside. But Molly found a better deal. After a month of walking with  her favorite parent along the beach and chasing deer, she balked at staying behind up north while I underwent physical therapy. She saw Daddy packing to go back down south, and she started wailing. I don’t think I’d ever heard a dog cry, but Molly couldn’t bear for her adventures to be over. While we had planned for her to go back anyway, because I couldn’t yet take care of her, I had to face the fact  that SHE was not coming back. How could I compete? I had a tree, squirrels and a townhouse. Her daddy had deer and the beach. It was no contest. She’s been in North Carolina ever since. sleeping all day while Daddy is at work, waking up long enough to boss him around in the evening, then sleeping some more.She comes home some weekends, and is always happy to see me. She makes sure she cuddles up to me. She starts barking when she’s close to the house . She greets me joyfully. But she makes it plain that she’s just visiting.


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